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Who would of thought it????

The big 50, I've created 50+ posts, discovered amazing things and learned about many things, you could say I have LEARNT, INQUIRED, SEEKED, THRIVED, now for the next 50.

05 May 2008

I'M STILL ALIVE- say hello if you want

Hello Blog world just a quick note to say I am still alive and have been taking a rest from blogging but will get back into soon and catch up on the all the things I have missed and it looks like I have a few to catch up on.

15 April 2008

Thing 50: Im Cooked!

Im Cooked what a gem, I would recommend this to anyone who likes to try out new ideas for meals, we all know that at times it is had to think of something different to cook seven days a week and Im Cooked will give inspiration to anyone. Good find.

13 April 2008

Thing 49: So Many Great Music Sites, So Little Time!

Soundsnap is for me, I create a lot of PowerPoint shows and I am always looking for ways to make slightly different, I can see myself using Soundsnap often.
Musigy good for musicians, but I'm not one I can't even sing so I don't think I will be using this site.

12 April 2008

Thing 48 - Is there any free AND legal music out there?

Great site for anyone looking for free music download, but not for me, I'm more for reading and watching TV.

11 April 2008

Thing 47: For the Musically Inclined, or Not!

JamStudio Music is not my thing but I still checked the site out and I think musicians would like it.

Thing 46: Updates!

Updates, the quest is check up on your favorites sites and see if there have been any changes, I'm happy to say my favourites are still working and the fact I don't have any broken links in my blog is also a good sign.

11 March 2008

Thing 45: Go With The Flow

Go with the flow, map your mind or design your space. Three choices, what to choose, go with the flow, I thought about it and decided no flow today, map my mind, no, not in the mood, design your space, give it ago.

Thing 44: Nag Yourself

Jott sound like a good idea, being American based we can't use it here so I didn't following through with this exercise. Perhaps one day we will have something similar out here or perhaps we do I just don't know about. I have a mobile but very rarely have it on even though my daughter is forever telling off for not having it on, my answer to her is 'it's cheaper to use the land line'.

Thing 43: Midi Files

Not much of a music buff, so I think I will leave this one and carry on. I guess there will be things that don't grab every ones attention.

Thing 42: Google Groups/Usenet

Interesting and informative but not for me, so I will move on to thing 43.

09 February 2008

Thing 41: Live Mocha

Live Mocha I hope they don't start charging for lesson, I just spent the last half hour learning Hindi, why Hindi you ask, I really enjoy watching foreign movies and at the moment I am watching any Bollywood movie that is on television and any DVDs I find at my local library.
I've always been fasinated with other languages when I watch a movie in another language I try to guess what they are saying without reading the sub titles.
I can see myself spending a lot of time at Live Mocha
namaste (hello)
dhanyavaad (thank you)
more later

Thing 40: Retroland

Retroland, this web site reminds of a local televsion show called Moments In Time, its always good every now and then to have a "remember when" moment.
I joined Retroland had a good look around and even replied to a 'lost and found' not sure if my suggestion was correct or not.
This is a site I will go back and visit often.